"There've been stories. In the year two twenty or thereabouts, they say a Colonist made it back after years of Banishment. When they found him at the Miners' Station, he was in a terrible state, covered in cuts and bruises, his tongue missing — cut out, they say. He was almost starved to death, like a walking corpse. He didn't last long; died a week later from some unknown disease that made his blood boil up through his ears and mouth. He couldn't speak, of course, but some say he made drawings, loads of them, as he lay on his deathbed, too afraid to sleep."
— Tam Macaulay in Tunnels, page 135

Abraham de Jaybo was briefly mentioned during Tunnels by Grandma Macaulay and Tam. He was mentioned again in Freefall by Martha, who claimed that the story was a lie.

History Edit

Abraham de Jaybo

Race / Species

Human, Colonist



  He lived in the Colony many years ago, probably around the forties. He was Banished to the Deeps and was the first man in the whole history to find his way out of the Pore. After that, he went through the Great Plains and returned to Colony.

When he was found, he couldn't speak (maybe because he had had his tongue cut), but he managed to do a lot of drawings of unknown creatures and plants. He claimed too, that he had flown into the abyss for so long that he had finished inside another world deep in the bowels of the Earth.

His story was hard to believe, as many of the Colonist thought that either de Jaybo was completely out of his mind because of his traumatic experiences in the Deeps, or perhaps the Styx had artificially arranged the story.

Abraham died the next week after he returned to the Colony, and his drawings were locked away by the Styx in the Governor's vaults for no one to find them.

Trivia Edit

  • When Will asked what were the drawings of, his Uncle depicted them as 'infernal machines, strange animals and impossible landscapes, things no one could understand'. 
  • As we find out in the third book, Abraham de Jaybo was right, and there was indeed another world inside the Earth. In his drawings he was referring to the advanced technology New Germanians had inside the Garden of the Second Sun, and animals unknown for a man who had lived all his life under earth.
  • Both Will and his father showed interest in seeing the drawings, although Will never got to see them. What the doctor saw in them made him decide to go to the Deeps.
  • When Will asked Martha about de Jaybo, she said:

'Another world, with its own sun? There were some in the Colony that said he didn't know his up from his down, and that he'd blundered out Topsoil somewhere, and all the things he said he saw were a load of old codswallop — or maybe it was just a sham. Some believed the whole yarn was put around by the Styx, to fill people with a fear of the Interior.'