"Men are such wimps."
— Hermoine in Spiral
Alex/Hermoine is a Styx female and an important figure in the Phase. She is a main antagonist in Spiral and Terminal.


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Leader; egg layer




Vane (twin sister)

Countless Styx larva (offspring)



 Not much is known about Alex's past. She and her sister, Vane, were hidden Topsoil as part of the Styx's plan to infiltrate Topsoil society. With homes in New York, London, and Paris, she took a career as a model for the Hello! magazine. She and Vane are big role models for the Rebeccas.

They, along with the other females, meet up at the Phase Factory to begin the Phase.  Once it begins, she sprouts the insectoid legs that the other females have and begins impregnating the captured humans and Colonists, among them the Third Officer.

Later, when the Rebeccas leave due to the incoming attack by Drake and the Old Guard, they take Alex and Vane with them. After the escape, Alex is devastated upon hearing that her newborn Styx were all killed. Rebecca Two proceeds to take her to a safe place where the Phase can resume.

She is taken to a health spa in Kent, where she begins to impregnate all the staff and guests there. Although Vane and her offspring were killed, Alex's began to undergo their metamorphosis into the Armagi.

In Terminal, she tries one last time to kill Will Burrows, and nearly succeeds. After Elliott activates the recall, she is transported to the inner world along with the rest of the Styx and dies, as the Plague of New Germania was still in the inner world.


Like most Styx women, Alex was described as being exceptionally beautiful, with "high cheekbones and piercing eyes" and "incredibly tall and slender."  She has short-cropped black hair, and later sprouts the insectoid legs and ovipositor during The Phase.  As the Phase continued, her metabolic rates greatly increased, causing her to literally lose every ounce of fat on her body.


Like all other Styx (especially the women), Alex is very evil, although she doesn't seem to be as evil as Vane.  Her main concern is to lay her eggs and ensure the survival of her offspring. She finds it amusing that the Limiters are terrified of her.

Additional NotesEdit

  • Alex is the Styx woman on the cover of Spiral.
  • In the UK version, her name is Hermione, after the Harry Potter character, Hermione Granger.
  • Alex is one of the most terrifying and deadly creatures in the entire series.

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