Benjamin "Ben" Wilbrahams was an American film director, and (possibly through the action of Dark Light) a Styx agent.

He was first introduced in Freefall, and was again mentioned in Spiral. He had resided in Great Britain for five years before the events of the fifth book, where he had been working on television documentaries.

He was killed in Spiral as one of the human bombs created by the Styx. His task was to attack a government building on Capitol Hill. Because of this attack, three members of the Senate and four other people died. The actual plan of the Styx was to make British distrust Americans and ensure that the US wouldn't help England in the time of the invasion as well.

Physical appearance Edit

Ben Wilbrahams is depicted by Parry as a man in his late thirties, about two-hundred pounds, with longish curly black hair and beard. He wears wire-rimmed glasses.

Working with the Styx Edit

During Freefall he pretended to help Celia Burrows in the investigation of the disappearance of her husband and the associated mysterious people, but in fact followed the actions of Mrs. Burrows and reported them to the Styx. They were waiting for the right time to get rid of Celia or kidnap her and interrogate her about the whereabouts of her son.

Quotes Edit

  • "No, that's Ben Wilbrahams, the American.  He's also investigating these incidents, for a film or something.  In fact, you should really have a word with him — he's always upstairs."  (Mr. Ashmi, the librarian, telling Celia that Ben had been reading the same reports as Roger, Freefall, page 63)
  • "I came across to England five years ago to write and direct an episode of a new cable TV series called Victorian Gothic.  My episode was about London's cemeteries, and when it was finished, I never went home.  That's what I do — I make films, and documentaries." (Ben Wilbrahams, Freefall, page 78)
  • "At the moment I'm doing some general research on Highfield, and all the crazy — or maybe not so crazy — stories that fascinated your husband too." (Ben Wilbrahams, Freefall, page 79)

Book appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • During third book it is said that he wears a wig to hide the fact that he is actually bald.
  • He lived in Highfield, at the end of Jekyll Street in 'an imposing wide-fronted Victorian house'.