Book of Catastrophes

Roderick Gordon's copy of the Book of Catastrophes with the two phials of Dominion.

The Book of Catastrophes is a religious book used by the Styx in the Colony. It is like their Bible, being read at services to the Colonists. Some Colonists, such as Cal, show a devotion to memorizing various lines. While its contents are not shown, it seems to be a "fire-and-brimstone-esque" book; part of it deals with reclaiming Topsoil and sinners beng plunged into the abyss. The Book is mentioned occasionally throughout the series.

Lines Edit

  • "Purity is sanctity."
  • "...the people shall return from their rightful place from the Ark of the Earth, at such time that the unholy deluge has withdrawn. And the people will once again plow the unplowed fields, rebuild the leveled cities, and fill the wasted lands with their pure seed."
    Book of Catastrophes-1

    First pages of the Book.

  • "Am Tag aller Summierung, tragen Sie Ihren Körper vorwärts auf dem Wrack Ihrer Tage.  Für Sie seien nicht, was Sie waren,Aber was Sie anstrebten."

—German Book of Catastrophes,