Caleb Jerome


Human; Colonist



Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue






Will (brother)

Mr. Jerome (father)

Sarah Jerome (mother)

Tam Macaulay (uncle)

Grandma Macaulay (grandmother)

A deceased brother

Bartleby (lifelong pet and friend)

  Cal, also known as Caleb Jerome, is the blood brother of Will and an important ally.


Early Life

Cal was born in the Colony to Sarah and Mr. Jerome as Caleb. When he was barely a year old, his mother took him and his brother Will and ran away from the Colony after his newborn brother had perished. His mother knew that they were in danger and ran off with both of them to the surface world. However, she had been injured in her escape and was forced to leave Cal behind. The Styx quickly found him and returned him to the Colony, where Mr. Jerome raised him by himself. Over the years, he formed a strong bond with his uncle Tam Macaulay and his pet Hunter, Bartleby. Tam would often bring Cal souvenirs from his travels, such as candy. He was very fond of his grandmother, too, and her death shocked him strongly.

Will's Return

Cal and his father visited Will in The Hold whenever he had returned and was arrested.  Cal revealed to him his true identity, and even tried to prove it by showing him his favorite toy as a baby, but to no avail.  The day after, Cal took Will home to the Colony, giving him the grand tour and introducing him to Grandma Macaulay, Tam, and Bartleby.  Will can't help but accept the truth and began living with Cal and Mr. Jerome.


A fan picture of Cal

Over the course of about a month, Cal shows Will how to fit in in the Colony.  Later, when Will plans to escape, Cal and Bartleby follow him, despite his and Tam's protests. 

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In many ways, Cal is like Will in that they both love to go ahead of other people and explore. He is a little malicious, especially in situations involving Chester. This is shown when he draws pictures in the dirt of people with square-shaped bodies and large heads and chuckles "evilly to himself". After he is almost killed by the sugar trap, Cal becomes irritated more often.


Cal was said to have looked just like a miniature version of Will.  He had the same white hair and blue eyes, and also bore a strong resemblance to his mother Sarah.


  • "Stupid moronic things, (...) they're nothing more than dumb animals… grubbing around in the rocks just like worthless slugs."
  • "If you don't want yours, Will, I'll take it. What is an oyster, anyway?"
  • "No! Wait! I want to go home!"

Additional Notes

  • Cal, like many Colonists, has an intense fear of heights.
  • Cal often recites verses from the Book of Catastrophes, but seems to mock everything it says.

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