Cave Cows

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The Deeps




Large flying creatures

 Cave Cows, or giant dust mites, are large, arachnid creatures native to the Deeps.


The Cave Cows make their first appearance in Deeper, when Dr. Burrows discovers a young specimen that's after the food the Coprolites provided him.  He keeps it as a pet during part of his underground expedition, providing it food every now and then.  It accompanied him until the two were attacked by a large flying creature (possibly a Bright), causing the Cave Cow to flee.

Later, when Dr. Burrows discovered one of the ancient temples, he was swarmed by hundreds of Cave Cows, all after his food.  Terrified, he barely managed to escape through a secret passage, and even killed several of the anachnids in the process.

Dr. Burrow's Cave Cow companion followed him to the Pore, where the enormous creature frightened him and caused him to fall in.  Will and his group later found the same specimen, with Dr. Burrow's backpack speared between it's mandibles.  Will and Chester, frightened, assumed the creature harmed Dr. Burrows, but Elliott explained how the creature was harmless by nature.

A Cave Cow appears at the end of Closer, also by the Pore. It is shown eating the food in the troughs meant for the Styx's horses. A Limiter officer goes to shoot it, but another Limiter says to leave it.


Cave Cows were described to have six jointed legs protruding from a huge, yellow-white domed shell.  It is believed that their antennae/mandibles may have once been another pair of legs.

Young Cave Cows are about the size of a small car, while adults are up to four times larger.

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