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  Charlie is an immunologist who used to work with Drake. Very little is known about him, but he certainly is a brave man - as he pointed out, he is one of the few people who is willing risk to such an extent to cooperate with Drake against his struggle with the Styx.

He is first introduced in Spiral, when he secretly meets with Drake at the market at Camden Lock in London. Charlie makes fun of Drake's diguise, claiming he was 'far too old to pull off the goth look'. Then, the two of them discuss the closure of three London hospitals and the loss of Elliott's blood samples with the Dominion vaccine. Drake asks him to prepare a new sample of the Dominion vaccine, and also to take care of another virus, which was actually the Plague of New Germania.

The virus was first only spread in water, but Charlie weaponized it, by making it transmittable by air in addition to direct contact. He also developed vaccines for every member of their group. The symptoms of the virus included lesions on the host's skin, fever, coughing up blood, insanity, and eventually death.

Quotes Edit

  • "Call that a disguise?" Charlie said. "You're far too old to pull off the goth look."
  • "Maybe, but you know they're called emos these days. Anyway, I'm still a big fan of The Cure," Drake said.


  • "And that's why I badly need your help." Drake went on. "I need you, Charlie, my favorite immunologist, to cook up some more Dominion vaccine for me, then I'll figure out another way to distribute it."
  • "Your favorite immunologist?" Charlie repeated. "Bet I'm the only immunologist you can call on, and certainly the only one stupid enough to risk his life for you."


  • "When you get home, you'll find a package hidden out back behind your trash bin - I've left some more blood samples in it, and also some more viral specimens I grabbed from the Colony." Drake instructed. "There's a really nasty strain in there, a killer, so watch how you handle it"
  • "We treat every pathogen as if it's the Great Plague," Charlie said.
  • "That's uncannily near the truth," Drake whispered.