Mr. Clarke Senior and Mr. Clarke Junior are the Clarke Brothers. They are the owners of a major grocery store in Highfield, which has been operated by their family for generations. The brothers are very different; Junior is very humorous, but Senior takes a serious look on thier job. However, they live a double life, as Will saw that they trade with The Colony and provide it with fruit and vegetables.

In the booksEdit

Tunnels: Edit

Will and Chester, while running from Colonists after school, come across the Clarke Brothers' store. They hide in it as the Colonists pass by. Both brothers are in the store, and they greet the two boys (the Burrows often buy their groceries from the brothers). Will and Chester converse with the Clarkes, saying they were running from boys at school. The brothers joke with them and give them a basket of fruits to take home.

Later on, Will sees the Clarkes in the Colony while returning from work. Junior is showing a group of Colonists crates of fruits and vegetables. Will wanted to go say hello to them, but could not, as a policeman was nearby.

Deeper: Edit

The Clarke Brothers' store closed on the surface for unknown reasons. While Sarah is on the run, she notices the boarded-up store. It is hinted that because of the lockdown in the Colony created by Will and Cal escaping (and Sarah's recapture), the Colony had to sever most of its Topsoil links.

Freefall: Edit

Will and Dr. Burrows walk through Highfield to find Mrs Burrows, and they come across the Clarkes' store, which is preparing to be demolished. Dr. Burrows is shocked that their longtime grocery store is closed. Will was on the verge of telling his father about the brothers' link to the Colony, but decided not to, to avoid stressing him more than he already was.

Closer: Edit

Drake goes into a coffee shop to order a drink and leave a secret message for Mrs. Rawls. It says that the coffee shop used to be a grocery store, so it could have possibly been the Clarkes' store.