Colonel Bismarck






Former Colonel of the New Germanian army




Deceased father

 Colonel Bismarck is an officer of the New Germanian army, and later an ally of Will and co.


When Colonel Bismarck was a child, his father was killed by pirates.

He is first seen in the very beginning of Closer as a soldier of the New Germanian army.  He briefs the Styx , Limiters , and the Rebeccas on the mission to recover the Dominion Virus and later participates in the assault.

When Dr. Burrows is killed, he feels sympathy for Will, whom he gives his condolences to.  After Will's freakout over Elliott handing over the viruses so easily, he holds Will back while negotiations are being made. He then procedes to escort Elliott and Will away from the pyramids in one of the New Germanian helicoptors.  Before leaving them he asks if they require assistance, them provides them with one of his guns.

He is later Darklit by the Styx and forced to serve under their will. He takes part in the assault of England's main banks, during which he recovers from the Dark Light treatment by a head injury.  Seeing how the Styx are treating his soldiers, he escapes the bank and makes his way to Parry's estate, where he joins Drake's group.  All traces of the Dark Light were removed by Professor Dansworth's Purger, making him an official member of the group, aiding them in their plans against the Styx.

Bismarck later participates in the assault against the Styx to help stop The Phase.  He returns to The Complex with everyone else and is likewise trapped with them after Dansworth's betrayal.  After helping them to escape, he travels to the Colony to aid in sealing off the inner world.  He rides the steeds carrying the supplies all the way to The Pore, then travels down it with them.  When the bombs are planted and everyone prepares to leave, Bismarck announces that he intends to stay behind and free the remaining New Germanians from the Styx. As the rest of the group bids him farewell, Rebecca One appears and shoots Bismarck, killing him.

At the very end of Spiral, Will and Elliott give the Colonel a proper burial beside Will's spring.


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