Crevice Town




The Deeps


Crevice Town is a small town located in the Deeps


Located at the bottom, a crevice for which the town is named, Crevice Town was formerly inhabited by Styx and the Coprolites. The Coprolites were kept here and bred to use as slaves, back when the Styx used them as such.  The town was later abandoned due to unknown reasons, although it's more than likely because of the high radioactivity levels.  Many Styx tools were left behind, including Styx lanterns.

Dr. Burrows briefly visited this place on his underground expedition, marking one of the houses as his find before quickly leaving after discovering lead coating the walls, hinting radioactivity.

Will, Chester, and Cal came across the town and, after being attacked by carnivorous bats, took shelter in a house (the same house Dr. Burrows marked). They remained here for several days to plan out their next move.  Will discovered a library in the house and discovered a secret box filled with missing Styx equipment, including the lanterns. The trio soon left, and the town has remained abandoned ever since.


The town is located at the bottom of a crevice, with a tall fence running the width of the cavern.  A large gate serves as the only entrance.  There is netting over the whole town; probably to serve as protection from falling rocks or more bats

The town is full of huts and houses, used by the Coprolites and Styx, respectively.  Most of them have already collapsed in, with the rest severely damaged.  The ground of the city is completely covered in bat guano.


  • Styx (formerly)

    The bats that live in the Crevice Town

  • Coprolites (formerly)
  • Many species of insects
  • Bats

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