Danforth is a scientist, professor, and a member of the Old Guard. He has invented many gadgets, including the Purger to clear minds of Dark Light brainwashing. He is very smart and enjoys working with the organization. Later on, it is revealed he is a double agent who acutally is on the Styx side. However, there is more to him than what meets the eye...

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Danforth is introduced as one of the "old ghosts" that Drake wants Will and Chester to meet. They meet the professor in his high-tech lab, which amazes the boys.

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Danforth is a very intelligent and cunning person. He is well-learned in many science fields (possibly engineering too). He is loyal to the Old Guard and will do whatever he can to help them defeat the Styx.

However, he is shown to go overboard with his plans sometimes and not feel empathy for others. In his attempt to pretend to work for the Styx, he ended up killing Chester's parents in the Complex. Also he did not tell Drake or Parry about his triple-agent scheme, so they could not have known what he was going to do in advance.