Earth is the third planet from the Sun and where you currently are (unless you are an alien). It obviously is the main setting of the Tunnels series. Throughout the series, Will Burrows and the characters go deeper into the Earth and discover amazing things hidden from Topsoil (the surface). The protagonists also have to stop the Styx from taking over the Earth.



The third planet in the Solar System


Standing (throughout most of the series) Moving away in recall (at the end of Terminal)


In the series Edit

Before the series (Spoiler Alert!) Edit

Originally, Earth was somewhere out in space, and it was the Styx 'spaceship.' The Styx lived with humans in The Garden of the Second Sun, but the humans were reared to serve the Styx. Sometime later, a leak in the atmosphere caused the Styx to go Topsoil to fix it, and the guiding Tower's trident was removed. These problems caused the Earth to go out of its normal place and get stuck in the Sun's orbit. Since then, the Styx and humans had left the Garden to live Topsoil or in The Colony; the only people left were the bushmen. In the 1940s, a group of German explorers accidentaly discovered the inner world and built the city of New Germania


   Earth first appears in the first book of the series as a main setting; specifically, Highfield, England. After Dr. Burrows discovers The Colony, Will and Chester