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Former Limiter; member of Drake's group


Unknown (Possibly Deceased)


Elliott (daughter)

Molly (wife)

A Limiter father

  Eddie is a former Limiter who teams up with Drake to look for Elliott and fight the Styx. Elliott is Eddie's daughter, and Molly is his wife. Eddie uses the name Edward James Green as his full name around Will and company, as well as the name of the owner of the lease on the warehouse he owns. He has a collection of diamonds from the Deeps, used to pay his debts. He enjoys creating models of the Battle of Waterloo, especially Wellington.

Personality Edit

Being a Styx, Eddie is cunning and examines whatever situation he is in. Over his years as a Limiter he has collected much Styx equipment and is smart enough to save it. He is able to show true friendship (rare for the Styx), such as his towards Drake. However, he is revealed to be manipulative for his own needs, working for Drake and co. in Closer only to become the head of the Styx. Later he has a change of personality and actually wants to help him when the Phase and the Recall War start.

He also shows some care for Elliott, as he risked his life to visit her when she was little and in the Colony. He fell in love with Molly, showing he does care for those close to him in some way.

In the series Edit

Freefall: Edit

Eddie is mentioned by Elliott, who says her mother was a Colonist and he was a Limiter. They met in the Garrison and had a child, Elliott. Eddie rarely visited his daughter and was presumed to be killed in action Topsoil. However this is shown to be false, as Eddie saves Drake after the Styx ambush on Highfield Common. He pulls Drake's body from his van without anyone seeing it. Drake becomes drunken, however, and he goes into a bar with Eddie and yells about the Styx. Warning Drake to keep it together, Drake thanks Eddie for saving him, to which Eddie thanks him for saving Elliott,

Eddie and drake

Eddie (left) and Drake prepare for the operation in the Eternal City

Closer: Edit

Eddie appears when Drake wakes up in his warehouse.

Terminal: Edit

He is also transported to the Inner World along with his group of rebel Styx. It is unknown whether he survived, since he also received the inoculation against the virus.