"And in the final week before graduation, she said goodbye to Luke and me in the morning and — as she always did — pedaled off for the university lab. That was the last time we saw her — they never found her or her bicycle. And nobody could explain how all her work vanished along with her — her laptop, the back-up disks she kept in her room, and everything on the university network. Anything even vaguely related to the program simply disappeared, without trace."
— Drake in Closer, page 50

Race / Species

Human, Topsoiler


Former student at Imperial College (programming)


Luke (implied partner)
An unborn child



  Fiona was one of Drake's best friends and classmate, and implied partner of Luke. She was kidnapped and tortured by Styx, which led to her death. ​She was pregnant during her captivity, and it is implied that her condition might have been what caused her to die from internal bleeding.

She was briefly mentioned during Closer, although she was somewhat crucial for the outcome of the book as the reveal that Eddie had been present during her interrogation marked the end of his alliance with Drake, thwarting his plan.

History Edit

Fiona was a very talented programmer. She studied with Drake and Luke at Imperial College in London. They formed a group of friends known for their achievements throughout the university, called the Wunderkinder.

In her second year, she wrote a piece of software that assimilated news events, employing unique algorithms to analyze them and creating a huge database. Once the business community and the security services found out what she was doing, they all tried to buy the program. But she refused and kept working on the project.  Once the program had absorbed enough data and hit critical mass, it worked better than she imagined.  She began to find anomalies, as the program began to red-flag events that didn't quite seem to fit, patterns of events that were inconsistent, caused by the Styx.

As the Styx couldn't risk to be discovered, they kidnapped Fiona and tortured her with the Dark Light

Since she was pregnant at the moment, the process was too harsh for her and she died. The Styx also took Fiona's program and removed the data from her study of all the places where she worked.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied, although not confirmed that Luke was Fiona's partner and the father of her unborn child. She seemed to have a closer relationship with Luke than the one she had with Drake, she had given him a petname (Lukey) that only she used, and Drake mentioned he had found them talking alone in their room. In addition, after Fiona's death, Luke was much more depressed and in his grief he drank himself to death.
  • It is known that Eddie was present during her interrogation.
  • She never got to graduate, as it is said in Closer that she was kidnapped one week before graduation.