Health Spa Receptionist









  This woman was a receptionist at a health spa in the English county of Kent. When the Styx arrived to use the health spa for their Phase, she had the dubious distinction of being the first human Alex impregnated.


Early LifeEdit

"That's neat."

"Oh, thank you. It's something I picked up from an old boyfriend."

- Rebecca Two and the receptionist.

Not much is known about this woman's early life. At some point she had a boyfriend who taught her how to twirl a pencil like a baton, but she later broke up with him. By the time of the Phase, she was working at a health spa in Kent.

The PhaseEdit

"How many people do you have staying here?"

"One hundred and twenty guests at full capacity, but we also have a substantial number of people with day-passes coming in for classes and the gym."

"And are all your guests chronically obese like the women we just saw?"

"I don't think that's--"

"There's ample human flesh for our purposes."


- The Old Styx and the Health Spa's receptionist

When Rebecca Two entered the health spa, the receptionist politely asked her to call in an adult, as the spa didn't take children. The Old Styx then entered, and proceeded to inspect the health spa. After watching a group of women pass through the lobby on their way to a Pilates session, he had a short conversation with the receptionist before determining that the health spa was a good place for the Phase to take place. He then ordered the Limiters waiting outside to release Alex. Shocked at the Styx woman's appearance, the unfortunate receptionist gave no resistance as Alex implanted an egg sac containing thirty Warrior Larvae within her. Rebecca Two then led Alex to more humans. A week later, the developing Larvae had eaten the woman from the inside out and crawled out in search of more food. After finding enough protein to fully develop, the larvae spun cocoons and pupated, turning into their final, lethal forms.