"A burglar, lowest of the low."

-Tam describing Heraldo, Tunnels

Heraldo Walsh


Human, Colonist



Hair Color



Styx assistant




Cresswell (cousin)

A deceased daughter

 Heraldo Walsh was a Colonist who aided the Styx.


Heraldo Walsh was born in the Colony, believed to have originated from the North or South Cavern.  He made a living by aided the Styx, snooping on Colonists for them among other things, and as a result lived a "charmed life", as the Styx granted him more privileges than the other Colonists.  He earned a reputation as a lowlife of the Colony.

He claims to have had a daughter at one point who was killed due to Topsoil pollution.

Over the years, he began harassing Tam Macaulay, under instructions of The Crawfly.  After Will Burrows returned to the Colony, he attempted to harass him and his family as well, until Tam stepped up and challenged him to "milling", or fistfight.  The two were almost evenly matched, but Heraldo soon lost the fight, being knocked unconscious and even losing teeth.

Later in the North Cavern, Heraldo's cousin Cresswell got in a fight with stonemason Colonist Grayson over a game of cards.  Walsh took Cresswell's side in the fight, which was attempted to be broken up by the Third Officer.  The three turned on the policeman and assaulted him, but were all shot in the neck and killed by a Styx Limiter.  Later, when the Second Officer found the bodies of Heraldo and the others, the Limiter ordered to leave their bodies in the street as an example to the other rioters in the area


Like other Colonists, Heraldo Walsh is albino, with white hair and pale eyes. He was a very hefty man with wiry hair and long sideburns.  He was commonly seen wearing a shiny brown coat along with a red scarf or neckerchief.


"Ah, my old friend, Tamfoolery."

-Heraldo Walsh to Tam, Tunnels

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