Joe Waites


Human; Colonist



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A deceased wife

At least two deceased daughters

 Joe Waites was a Colonist and a best friend to Tam Macaulay.


Joe Waites was born and raised in the Colony.  It was hinted that he was, at some point, relocated to the Rookeries, due to either his knack for getting into trouble or for being of the lower class (although he may have even been born and raised there).  While growing up he became one of the best friends of Sarah and Tam Macaulay.

At some point in his life, he was married and had several daughters.

Most of his free time was spent hanging out with Tam and his gang.  Sometimes, though, Joe would deliver Tam's letters to Sarah, who was hiding out on the surface.  When Tam's nephew Will Burrows traveled to the Colony, Joe and the rest of the gang were introduced to him.  Joe witnessed the fight between Tam and Heraldo Walsh, a fight that Walsh swiftly lost.

After Will's escape to the surface, Joe and the rest of the gang became prime suspects of helping him.  Their every move was monitored by Styx agents.  Later, Styx leader Rebecca, who was working on drawing Sarah out into the open, kidnapped Joe's family and forced him to help them in return for their lives.  He was forced to write Sarah a letter claiming that Will killed Tam and kidnapped his brother Cal; this plan worked, and Sarah was drawn out and, after nearly commiting suicide, was captured by the Styx, much to Joe's sorrow and horror.

After Sarah was brought back to the Colony, Joe begged Rebecca if he could have his family back; he was then taken and locked up with them.  Shortly afterwards Joe and the rest of the Waites family (along with Grandma Macaulay) were killed, shredded, and used as compost for the pennybun crops.


Like all Colonists, Joe was an albino, having white hair and pale skin.  His first appearance in Tunnels described him as being a very old man with only one tooth left and wearing a tight-fitting skullcap over his head.


Joe was a very kind man and was loyal to his friends and family.  He was almost like family to the Macaulays and would have put his life on the line for them.  His loyalty to his family was strong as well, strong enough that he had to betray his friends to the Styx just to protect them.

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