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"Leatherman" is a former soldier of Drake's old military unit.


Originally born in Fiji, Leatherman later moved to London and joined Drake's secret military unit, until the group was broken up by the Styx.

Years later, during the war against the Styx, Leatherman assigned to spy (and gather information) on Ben Wilbrahams, who was working for the Styx.  During this time Drake gave him what was believed to be the poisonous phials of the Dominion virus; however, after tests were run, the virus turned out to be fake.

After Will and Dr. Burrows returned Topsoil, Drake ordered Leatherman to follow them, along with him and Celia Burrows, later meeting up with them in a field.  He presented to them the information on Mr. Wilbrahams, as well as the test results on the fake virus.

He brought Mrs. Burrows back to London, where the group prepared a mission to capture the Old Styx.  He staked out in a van with Drake and two other soldiers, ready to attack if the Styx showed up.  However, the spy Oscar Embers used a Subsonic Audio Bomb to knock out all the soldiers in the area, including Leatherman and Drake, the latter of whom was saved by Eddie.  Leatherman was then captured by the Styx and soon after executed.


At least a full head taller than Drake, Leatherman had short-cut black hair and a trimmed moustache.  He was said to have been as solid as the trunk of an oak tree.  His codename most likely came from his very tan skin.

He carried a twelve-gauge, sawed-off shotgun


Leatherman is very patient and stealthy, able to follow his targets for days, without detection. He is loyal to Drake and follows all his commands.

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