"He was a general, the oldest and most senior of the Limiters present, with a vivid white S-shaped scar across his cheek and streaks of grey at his temples."
— Narration in Closer

The Limiter General is the general of the Limiter Styx division, and a primary antagonist in Closer and Spiral. He is one of the older and high ranking members of the Limiters.

In the booksEdit


The Limiter General appears in the group of Limiters that rescued the Rebeccas in the Garden of the Second Sun. They discover New Germania while exploring, and, as the group enters, threaten the residents. A German officer talks to him, and the General brings up Operation Sea Lion. They ally on the fact that the Styx were Germany's allies during World War 2. A while later, the General and the Rebeccas are driven to the Chancellery. He then threatens the Chancellor into providing transport, so that the Styx can recover the Dominion virus. He, along with the Rebeccas, Limiters, and New Germanian soldiers, set up a camp near the jungle.

Assuming Dr. Burrows and Will went near the pyramids, the General flies with the twins and Tom Cox on a helicopter. He detects an anamaly, and redirects to the pyramid where Dr. Burrows, Will, and Elliott are. The General and the Limiters surround the pyramid once the three get out. The Rebeccas taunt them, while Will is tortured by Cox. They make a deal where they get the Dominion, and in return, Elliott is spared. Elliott, however, shoots Cox and kills him. The Rebeccas then shoot Dr. Burrows. After some more confrontation, the Styx get the Dominon back, and Will and Elliott are helicpotered out by Colonel Bismark. 

 After Bismark leaves, the General and the Limiters take the New Germanians prisoners. He then goes on to let the Styx Darklight the whole city of New Germania. They will be used by the Styx to mount a war Topsoil.


   The Limiter General appears at the end of the book. He is sent to the inner world to investigate after Drake sealed the ways in and out with the nukes. However, Sweeny crushed the phial of Plague of New Germania, causing it to infect the entire inner world. The General collapses and dies in New Germania a while after. 


Like most of the Styx, the Limiter General is evil and manipulative. Since he holds a high position in the Limiter division, he is able to order the other soldiers to do things. In an indirect way, he caused the death of Dr. Burrows, since he led the Limiters to the pyramid where he was. 

Book ApperancesEdit