"You slipped up twice. Your first mistake was that no one — and I mean no one — knew Fiona was pregnant. It was too early for her to tell anyone. So how come you knew all about it? I might have given you the benefit of the doubt and assumed you'd picked up on that from your Topsoil surveillance, but then you let something else slip. You referred to my friend at the university as ‘Lukey’. Only Fiona called him Lukey — it was her petname for him. And I was only aware of it because I happened to overhear them a couple of times in their room."
— Drake to Eddie in Closer, page 157

Luke was one of Drake's best friends and classmate, and implied partner of Fiona.

He was briefly mentioned in Closer. He's the reason Drake discovered that Eddie was present during Fiona's interrogation, as the former Limiter referred to Luke as Lukey, a petname only Fiona used with him.

History Edit


Race / Species

Human, Topsoiler




Fiona (potential partner)



 Luke lived and studied with Drake and Fiona at Imperial College in London. The three of them formed a group known for their achievements throughout the university, called by other students as the Wunderkinder. He was the mathematician of the group.

When Fiona was kidnapped and murdered by the Styx, Luke had a nervous breakdown, dropped out of university and went back to live with his mother.  He drank himself to death within a year.

Trivia Edit

  • It is implied, although not confirmed that Luke was Fiona's partner and therefore, the father of her unborn child. She seemed to have a closer relationship with Luke than the one she had with Drake, as she had given him a petname (Lukey) that only she used, and Drake mentioned he had found them talking alone in their room. 
  • Drake depicted him as 'one of those incredibly bright but highly strung young' and that he 'went to pieces after Fiona disappeared'.