The Prime Minister of England was the leader of England during the events of the Tunnels series.


The Prime Minister makes a very minor appearance in the series.  He was first seen in Closer when he goes to eye doctor Edward Christopher for his regular checkups, as he was blind in one eye.  Unknown to him, he was secretly being darklit by the Styx to do their bidding. He later appears at the end of the book at a press conference, having shut down the 3 hospitals where Drake provided Elliott's blood (which has the Dominion vaccine).

He appears again in Terminal during a meeting with the US President and the War Cabinet of England to discuss how to defeat the forces of the Armagi.  After Parry revealed that they are were danger, the Prime Minister began to mock Parry; almost instantly the entire Cabinet were killed along with the Prime Minister when the Styx destroyed the Eternal City cavern, causing London to collapse.


The Prime Minister was said to be a very heavyset man.

In the original UK edition, he was nicknamed Gordy. In the US edition, he was nicknamed Davey.

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