"Never forget, I'm so proud of both of...[you]."
Sarah to Will and Cal in Deeper

Sarah Jerome


Human; Colonist



Hair Color


Eye Color

Pale Blue






Will (son)

Cal (son)

A deceased son

Mr. Jerome (husband)

Tam Macaulay (brother)

Grandma Macaulay (mother)

A deceased father


Sarah is Will and Cal's true mother. She escaped The Colony (and therefore the Styx) and was one of the very few people to be on the run from them for a long time. Sarah was in both Tunnels and Deeper, although her main appearence was in the latter. She died at the end of Deeper in an act of sacrifice against being in the Styx's plans. 


Sarah had given birth to three sons in the Colony, but one of them died because of a fever. She had asked the Styx for medicine, but they wouldn't give her any. This was due to the fact that such medicines were rare in the Colony and reserved for the ruling classes. She ran away Topsoil to save her other two children, but Caleb (Cal) was left behind. Seth was left behind in a church graveyard, taken in by the Burrows family, and renamed Will. Since then, she had been on the run from the Styx. Her escape made her a symbol of rebellion against the Styx in the Rookeries. In Deeper, she was tricked by the Styx and the Rebeccas into believing that Will had killed Tam Macaulay, her brother. She believed the Rebeccas until the end, during the fight at The Pore. Since she was badly injured and dying due to a gunshot wound, Sarah used her last strength to knock the Rebeccas and their Dominion Phials into The Pore, stopping their plan.         



Sarah fan picture

She is very determined, as she was able to be on the run from the Styx for years. However, she is easily tricked by the Styx, causing her to go after Will and Cal, blaming Will for her brother's death. Sarah cares about her sons very much, as she sacrifices herself for them to stop the Rebeccas. 


Sarah has striking white hair and pale blue eyes, much like Will and Cal. She has very pale, white skin that burns in the sun, also like Will.

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