The Bunker


In the Deeps, near the Great Plain




The Bunker is the Styx testing laboratory for important projects, located in the Deeps. Originally used for breeding purposes, it became the place where the Styx tested the Dominion virus. Drake, Elliott, and Cal explore it, and a battle with the Limiters ensues. It appeared in Deeper and Freefall, where it was destroyed. 


The Bunker was built centuries ago by the Styx. Originally, they used to breed Coprolites and perform gruesome experiments. This process fell out of use and the Bunker was instead used for bio-weapon testing. The Styx brought some Colonists and captured Renegades to the Bunker, and tested the Dominion virus on them.  

In Deeper, the Bunker was used for the Styx's testing of the Dominion Virus and its vaccine. The Ultra Bug (less powerful strand of Dominion) was also presumably tested here. Drake, Cal, and Elliott first found out about this when they saw the sealed chambers with bodies in them. Elliott realized the Styx were trying out a new bio-weapon using Colonists and Renegades as test subjects.

In Freefall, Drake and the Coprolites drove a mining machine across the Great Plain, to destroy the Bunker. He succeded, planting charges to destroy the remaining Dominion virus in the sealed cells. The whole building collapsed and was destroyed. Later, the Old Styx, Tom Cox, and the Limiters appear at the Bunker ruins, realizing there was no virus there.   


The Bunker was built into the side of the Great Plain. The place where the cement was laid looked like a huge gray ribbon stretching across the horizon. There is a drainage duct on the border, which Drake and Co. used to enter it. One room is like an office, with files (reduced to mulch) and a desk. Another contains huge glass tanks, containing dissected heads and other body parts. Part of the Bunker has a metal staircase. However, the floor was flooded, so Drake had to wade through it (much to Cal's disgust). Across a L-shaped hall, there is a plinth and operating tools (a Styx operating theater). The Bunker ends at an intersection, from which many tunnels branch out.

Elliott and Cal also came across a pristine white room, where the Styx were testing the Dominion virus. The heavy metal doors were welded shut, so the Colonists and Renegades trapped inside couldn't escape. Decaying corpses laid in some of the cells.