The Colony
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The Colony as shown in an interactive game that used to run on a Polish website.




Underground, beneath London

 The Colony is a subterranean civilization located under London, England. It was founded by Sir Gabriel Martineau and the Styx back in the 1700s. People in The Colony are called Colonists.  


In the early 1700s, Sir Gabriel Martineau, a businessman and inventor, began a program which included digging a network of tunnels underground. Martineau's Men, as they were called, founded the Colony, an underground city with connections to the surface (Topsoil). Although Martineau was rumored to have died in a house fire, it is implied that he stayed with his workers in the Colony. The Styx became the rulers of the city, with many Colonists helping them out.   



Entry to The Quarter.

The Colony is laid out like a typical 1700s city, only built from the surrounding rock. To provide air, giant fan stations circulate high above in the cavern roofs. There are various passages linking the Colony to Topsoil locations, such as old houses. There are also passages leading to the Labyrinth and the Miners' Train. Some of the places in the Colony are:

The Quarter Edit

The part of the Colony that is linked to the elevator systems, which can go Topsoil or somewhat below. The Quarter is where the police station and the prisons are located. This section is mostly inhabited by wealthy Colonists or people in law enforcement. Strict curfew laws are followed.

The North Cavern Edit


A street in the Colony

The section of the Colony located to the northern part of London. It is mainly an agricultural part of the city, where the pennybun fungus fields are. It became a violent and unruly shantytown during the New Germanian occupation of the city. The North Cavern was then abandoned as the Styx were capturing Colonists as hosts for the Phase. Heraldo Walsh, Grayson, and the Third Officer were shot by a Limiter here in Spiral.

The South Cavern Edit


The section of The Colony located to the southern part of London. It is a heavily populated place. Many people live there, including the Jeromes and the Second Officer's family. Aside from being a central hub of job locations, the South Cavern is where the controls to the fan stations are located. It is now where Will lives in the epilogue of Terminal.  

The West Cavern and the East Cavern are briefly mentioned, but little is known about them.  



Colonist in the streets of The Quarter.

The Colony is inhabited by Colonists, Styx and a few Topsoilers that ended up working for the Styx or providing for the Colony (such as the Clarke Brothers that used to sell food in the South Cavern).

It's the place of many unique native creatures such as Cave Rats, Hunters. and a species of slugs.

Book AppearancesEdit

The Colony

Map of The Colony, in the special Japanese edition of Tunnels.