The Great Plain




The Deeps

  The Great Plain is a large area in the Deeps. It is massive, being at least 50 ft. wide and seemingly endless. The Coprolites build their settlements into the floor of the Great Plain. Limiters sometimes patrol it. It first appears in Deeper, where Will, Cal, and Chester are exploring it, and later appears in Freefall.

In the seriesEdit

Deeper: Edit

The Plain first appears in Deeper. At Cal's insistance, Chester and Will head in the direction of the Great Plain. Will is amazed by it, and starts to form a theory on how it was formed. Cal tells them that it looks endless, but then gives estimate dimensions; this annoys Chester. They see Coprolite settlements in the distance, and walk past a canal the Coprolites use for shipping the stuff they mine. On a barge, they see Coprolites, one who was really Dr. Burrows (but Will didn't notice it). Then Cal smells something sweet, and the trio follows him into the letterbox opening the scent is coming from. It turns out to be a sugar trap, and Cal "dies." A distraught Will and Chester make it out, and walk to the edge of the Great Plain.

Later, the two, along with Drake and Elliott, go back to the sugar trap to rescue Cal. Drake drowns Cal in the Coprolite canal to shock him awake and save him. Elliott them notices Styx on horseback are coming, so they have to leave the Plain. Elliott points out that the Limiters are blowing up the Coprolite settlements. After Cal is recovered, he, Drake, and Elliott head to the Bunker, which is at the edge of the Great Plain. They narrowly escape a Limiter attack there, but Drake gets left behind. Elliott and Cal escape off the Plain back to the subterranean sea.

Freefall: Edit

The Great Plain appears again, at the beginning of Freefall. Drake plans to destroy the Bunker, so the Styx lose a source of the Dominion virus. He, and the Coprolites, drive a mining machine across the Plain, while Limiters try unsuccessfully to kill them. Once they reach the Bunker, Drake thanks the Coprolites and uses the machine's drill to destroy the Bunker. He then plants charges at the quarentine cells and runs. The Old Styx, some Limiters, and Tom Cox appear on the Great Plain to inspect the destruction of the Bunker.

Trivia Edit

  • Will thinks the Great Plain could have been formed when a tectonic plate rode over another. When Chester asked if it could close up again, Will said it could in thousands of years (Chester joked his bad luck would make it close up on them)
  • The cavern surrounding the Plain is bigger than any cavern in the Colony