The Highfield Mole was the original version of Tunnels (Book 1), and the first book in the Tunnels series. It was published in 2005, but only sold a few copies. Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams later re-titled the book Tunnels and re-published it in 2007.

Plot summary Edit

The book follows fourteen-year-old Will Burrows who lives in a fictitious London borough called Highfield with his family. Will has little in common with them except for a passion for digging, which he shares with his father. When his father inexplicably disappears down a tunnel, Will decides to investigate with his loyal friend, Chester. Soon they find themselves deep underground, where they discover the Colony, a subterranean city in which people have been living since Georgian times. These people have a deep hatred of anyone from the surface, who they call Topsoilers, and they are ruled by a strange and fanatical group called the Styx.

In-series reference Edit

A reference/joke to The Highfield Mole was put into Closer (for fans of the series to recognize).

At the end of Closer, Drake takes the deceased Dr. Burrows's journal to scientists at the London University. He hopes that it will be published. However, it falls into the hands of a rival professor of Dr. Burrows. He and his students turn the journal into a children's book called The Highfield Mole. When Drake gives Will a copy of this book, he is horrified and screams a loud "NOOOOOO!" When Will reads the book, he says it is like a weird dream. Later, Stephanie reads the book and says it is "totally unrealistic."