The Rookeries is the suburbial area of the Colony. It's where the pub "The Buttock & File" is located. It's first mentioned during Tunnels, although the place is brought up again several times throughout the series. There was a fire started by the Styx that destroyed the area.

Description Edit

This neighborhood was composed of several passageways with buildings slanting inward at such precarious angles that their upper stories almost met.  They were timber-framed and in a terrible state of disrepair.  Most of their windows were either broken or boarded up.

The place was filled with the sound of voices and cries and laughter coming from all around as well as odd snatches of music and the barking of dogs. It smelled of charcoal and tobacco smoke. There was an alley with and open channel in the middle, down which a sluggish trickle of sewage ran through vegetable waste and other filth and detritus.

People often stood in the narrow passageways and it was possible to hear hushed voices, snatches of hysterical muttering, and even the far-off sound of someone screaming in agony.

Quotes Edit

  • "That was the Rookeries.  It's where the paupers live.  And you only saw the outskirts — you really wouldn't want to find yourself in the middle of it." (Cal - Tunnels)