"As the beam from Elliott's light struck the nearest column, it was reflected onto another.  The beam crisscrossed around them, creating the illusion that there were scores of lanterns."

-Will observing the Sharps, Deeper

The Sharps




The Deeps, near The Pore

 The Sharps is a large rock formation in the Deeps.


The Sharps were more than likely formed hundreds of years ago. It is unknown what could have formed them (most likely due to condensation), as not even Will could figure it out.

A few years before the present day, Drake and Elliott hit one of their many weapon caches here. They also navigated the area, setting up ladders and traps in case they needed to fall back to this location from the Styx forces.

Years later, Elliott, Will, Chester, and Cal did just this, passing through here to reach the Wetlands. They had to climb down a tunnel several hundred feet above the floor level.  This was a difficulty for Cal, who had a fear of heights, and had to have Will lie to him until he came down. Upon reaching the bottom, they could see the pillars that made up the Sharps, which naturally awed Will.

The group began to make their way through the cavern. When Elliott left to check the cache, the boys encountered a Limiter. Through their combined efforts, they mananged to overpower him, with Cal making the kill shot. They were soon forced to flee, as the gunshot alerted more Styx, while Elliott rigged the cache to explode. The resulting blast killed the soldiers and severly damaged the Sharps, knocking over many of the giant pillars and blocking the tunnel that the heroes fled through.


Located in a giant cavern in the Deeps, the Sharps are natural rock formation, make of obsidian. The towers are colossal, extending far beyond the eye's view and said to have been over 200 feet in girth. There are different types of formations; some resembling black licorice with curving planes, others a group of flat planes going all the way to the top. The floor is covered with glasslike shards of obsidian.

There are many tunnels leading here, many of them way above the floor of the cavern. There was also a tunnel leading to the Pore, but it was blocked during the explosion made by Elliott.

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  • It is believed that the front cover of Deeper is a depiction of the Sharps, although in the book the pillars are depicted as being much larger.

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