On The Parody Wikia site, there is a page with parody songs about the Tunnels series. They were created by an anonymous fan of the series in 2014.  

Some of the parodies are half-finished, while others are done. It is presumed that the page's author intended for other people to finish the songs, although it is not known if this is true.  

Track listing Edit

  1. Tunnels (Speak Life)
  2. Dig a Hole (Let it Go)
  3. Do You Wanna Stop Dominion (Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?)
  4. The Limiters Keep Coming our Way (Party in the U. S. A.)
  5. In the Deeps (In Summer)
  6. Now that I've Found the Inner World (For the First Time in Forever)
  7. What Does Will Burrows Say? (The Fox)
  8. The Eternal City (Moves like Jagger)
  9. Why do Styx Hate Topsoilers? (Reindeers are Better than People)
  10. Shovel digging sound effects