Alright. I'm new to this community. I absolutely love this series! Anyways, a couple things that kept the series fresh. For some reason, I can't recall much of Tunnels or Deeper except for the final bit of Deeper, which I remember perfectly. Here are some random ravings that no one probably wants to read. Oh, well. I'll blog anyway.

First, the Rebeccas. I don't see how anyone could've seen that coming. Two of them? They're quite horrid, as everyone knows.

(Sorry, something I've wanted to say since I read Closer)

Oh, yes, the Rebeccas are coming with their little virus, but you know what? There's worse here than Rebeccas. Oh, yes. Eddie's coming. Probably the worst ape descendant to ever come about in or on this planet. Oh, yes. Get ready, you'll need the preparation. (continues to give some epic speech)

I was actually more shocked by Cal's death than Dr. Burrows's. I shouldn't be, but ... well ... the only way to prevent this from persisting is a random rearrangement of the particles in my brain that causes me to forget completely about Cal's death, which, I assure you, is unlikely, but allowed by Quantum Mechanics.

Tam. I don't think that at the time of his death, anyone knew how often main characters get killed off in this series. So everyone was shocked.

Martha? Really? Sure, she was lying to Chester and feeding him people she'd killed, but really?

And one more thing. When Martha was showing Will, Chester, and Elliot her son's grave, the only thing I could think of was That statue's a Weeping Angel.

Please, no spoilers from Spiral, I live in the US where it hasn't been released yet.