This is my very first blog post on this wiki, so I won't make this one long.

So yeah. Several days ago I read the whole series again. And once again I saw the "international bestseller" mark on the book. So a simple, but logical question suddenly came to my head - why is there almost no fanbase at all??? I mean it says the very same thing on all those other "trendy" books like Harry Potter etc., but theTunnels fanbase compared to all those other pesky fanbases looks desperately small. So do you know someone else that would also be into the series, or do you have any idea why there's so not much of active fans? (Do not mention kidnappings by Styx, they are peaceful and really don't do anything bad. And stop that "dark light" nonsense. Surely there's nothing like it, and besides, even if the Styx would have something similar, they would use it for good things only!)

Thanks if you answer, f you if you just pass by :3