Hello everyone! I belive that we can all work together to revamp the Tunnels sites and fandoms across the Internet.

Tunnels is one of my all time favorite books series. There is just something about it that separates it from other works. I have been loving Tunnels for at least 2 years, and hope to in the future. Thank you to the amazing authors, Gordon and Williams. And thank you to all the administrators, editors, and fans who have made Tunnels Wikia amazing!

The Tunnels Forum at quit activity in 2013. Many other great fan-art sites such as MundoTunneles are in Spanish and cannot be understood by the English-speaking community. The Polish producers' Tunnels site has an extremely fun interactive game (but in Polish, sadly for English speakers). 

The only 2 Tunnels fan sites are Tumblr ( and this Tunnels wiki. I love these and recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about this amazing book series. 

Another thing- I have been reading reviews of all the books, and am finding a lot of 1- and 2- star ones on books 1-3. They are saying that the series is very dark, depressing, and the characters are one-dimensional. Obviously this is not entirely true! But luckily there are positive reviews! We should also try to use YouTube more often to spread this "underground" fandom (pun intended). 

I look forward to seeing what will happen next to the amazing Tunnels series. Have a nice day!