It would be cool to see a crossover between the worlds of Tunnels and Star Wars, especially since Episode 7 came out. It could take place in the New Republic setting of the Extended Universe. Although I don't know the names, there are plenty of Earth-like planets it could be set on.

Characters could be

       - Will Burrows (same role as in series, explorer looking for adventure, "Luke" character) 
       - Styx (same role as in series, surrounded by the aura of the dark side, "Sith" characters that want to take over New Republic, not all use the Force, just the main villains) 
       - Chester (same role as in series, loyal friend to Will, scared of many things, including Sith, makes the best of his bad luck) 
       - Elliott ("Sabine/rebel" character, fights the Styx, skilled with explosives and a blaster) 
       - Drake ("Captain Rex/bounty hunter" character, skilled with a blaster and strength, formerly a member of the Rebel Alliance) 
       - Tam ("Qui-Gon" character, Will's rebellious uncle in the Colony, secretly knows basic lightsaber combat and believes in the Force, built his own lightsaber in private, values family and Jedi Order virtues) 
       - Old Styx ("Emperor Palpatine" character, leader of the Styx, Sith master, does not use lightsaber but is very skilled in the Force) 
       - Crawfly ("Darth Maul" character, Sith apprentice to Old Styx, uses 2 red blade lightsabers, hates the Burrows-Jerome family) 
       - Rebecca Twins (same role as in series, become the Old Styx's new apprentices after Crawfly's death, each has one of their father's lightsabers) 
       - Eddie ("Dark Jedi" character, morally ambiguous about the Force, but revels in the Dark Side's power at times, cares for his daughter Elliott) 

These are just some ideas I had. The settings of the Deeps, the inner world, etc. can be kept but modified to fit the Star Wars world. For example, New Germania could be a secret Separatist city built long ago during the Clone Wars. The Styx use the city's droid army for attacking Topsoil.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!