Part three

Lizard Stage

The Styx Warrior Class was a subset of the Styx, which were created only during The Phases. They make their first appearance during Spiral. 

These creatures are born during The Phase, and must be implanted into a living human or Styx to survive. 

Growth Cycle Edit

Larvae Stage Edit

At the beginning, they resemble giant larvae with white, shiny teeth. After some time living inside their hosts, they pierce through the skin and find their way out, killing the person. Once they've emerged, they move around constantly looking for preys, as they prefer to eat fresh meat.

Lizard Stage Edit

After some time the larvae grow muscular legs and tails, and the body starts to get covered with scales. They can reach 1.5 m in length. In this stage, the head of the creature resembles the head of a small human child. Just as in the previous stage, they still eat meat to absorb as much protein as they can, before wrapping themselves in a cocoon to transform.

Metamorphosis Edit

After two weeks of being wrapped in a cocoon, the larvae mature and hatch. It takes them another two weeks out of the cocoon for their transformation to end, and after this process they've reached their final stage, fully becoming members of the Warrior Class. From that moment, they look almost like humans, but inside they are ruthless warriors devoid of any feelings, designed only to kill.

Trivia Edit

  • If The Phase is somehow stopped, the warrior larva will be able to turn from a Styx, to an Armagi, a terrifying hulking beast.