Eddie's model figures, one of which is Wellington's

In Closer, Eddie the "good Styx" loved making models of soldiers, specifically of the Battle of Waterloo. He made one of which was Wellington's model figure. It was fashioned after the Duke of Wellington, who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1814. The figure was amazingly accurate. However, Eddie always told Drake that it was never finished.

In the Underground Harbor, Elliott, Will, and Drake found the model soldier in a room. Drake first thought it was rigged to something, as it was the only thing on the table. Later on Elliott noticed it was now painted to look like a Limiter soldier.

Facts Edit

The model was an accurate depiction of the Wellington, the Iron Duke. It was made by a person with extreme skill and experience.

It is unknown if Wellington was really a Styx, or Eddie just thought he was clever enough to be one.

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